I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Yea, on the glancing wing of eager birds, the softly pattering feet of furred and gentle beasts. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Not borne on the morning's wings of majesty, but I have set My feet amidst the delicate and bladed wheat. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord.
-Evelyn Underhill

Monday, July 20, 2015

Indian Pipes

The Indian Pipe…the preferred flower of life….
~Emily Dickinson

This morning as I sat at my computer my little hummingbird paused at my window as though to say, "Goodmorning!" then flitted away after a moment leaving my eyes to spy these unusual flowers just beyond on the slope leading into the woods.  I discovered they are called Indian Pipes and are not common to our area.  They are white because they do not produce chlorophyl and must borrow nutrients from another plant.  A fungus is usually it's host and in turn the fungus is dependent on a nearby tree--usually Beech or Pine.  The Indian Pipe does not give anything back to the fungus or tree and therefore are considered a parasite.  However,  the Indian Pipe is a food source for small bumble bees which visit for its nectar.  The bees help the plant by pollinating it which produces seeds to help it spread.  I counted over 20 clumps.  
It seems this rare, unusual flower has found a home in which it can flourish.  
I'm sure the bees are pleased.


I still cherish the clutch with which I bore it from the ground when a wondering child, and unearthly booty, and maturity only enhances the mystery, never decreases it.
~Emily Dickinson


  1. I always learn something when you post, Cathy. Never fails. Indian pipes - never heard of them, and to the best of my knowledge have never seen them. But anything that can help out the bees in this day and age is great! A terrific example of the value of the little things. Hope the heat and humidity is not too awful down Maryland way. Take care and talk to you soon... :>)

    1. Janet, I am viewing life outside through my window today because of the heat and humidity! Although this morning Gabriel and I did go outside to take this picture and then later to put a letter in the mailbox. I've seen these in our yard in years before, but never so many as this years' crop!


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