I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Yea, on the glancing wing of eager birds, the softly pattering feet of furred and gentle beasts. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Not borne on the morning's wings of majesty, but I have set My feet amidst the delicate and bladed wheat. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord.
-Evelyn Underhill

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Changing Seasons

Autumn brings the warmer colors in the garden--orange and a touch of yellow. . . . 
Yellow Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Creature

Just when the caterpillar thought 
the world was over, 
she became a butterfly.
~Barbara Haines Howett, Ladies of the Borobudur

I counted well over a dozen Swallowtail caterpillars on our parsley last week.  The next day all that was left were stems.  I didn't mind because I'd rather have butterflies than parsley.  Life is like that.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice something you love for something you love even more.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, 
he is a new creature; 
the old things passed away; 
new things have come.
~2 Corinthians 5:17

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good Deed for the Day

This morning I came into the living room to find a little butterfly that looked much like this one fluttering at my window.  I wondered why it wanted to get inside.  As I drew closer I saw that it was trapped in a spider's web!  I figured the spider wouldn't need to wait long for a breakfast of fly or some other pesky bug, so I opened the window and set the butterfly free.

What beautiful thing in your life needs to be set free today so it can grace the lives of others as well as yours?