I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Yea, on the glancing wing of eager birds, the softly pattering feet of furred and gentle beasts. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Not borne on the morning's wings of majesty, but I have set My feet amidst the delicate and bladed wheat. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord.
-Evelyn Underhill

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Geranium's Lament

Language of Flowers:  

Red Geranium ~ Comfort, Stupidity

Geranium’s Lament

Oh dear, Oh my
I’m losing my petals!
My season has come to an end..

How could I ever think,
With each raindrop I drink,
My flowers could never shrink?

But alas they do.......
But wait I’m not through!
More buds I construe!

There’s hope for me
That’s plain to see.
I’ll just let things be.


  1. Sweet! The the promise of more next spring?

  2. Oh, geraniums! I love them. Every year I have geraniums, spike & vinca vine in my hanging baskets. One at my front door and two on my covered porch. The porch ones get southern sun so they're super-beautiful most of the year. Next year I'm going to try "over-wintering" them inside next to my patio slider. ⭐️

    1. I brought in 3 other geraniums that are still in flower so far. We'll see how long they last.


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