I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Yea, on the glancing wing of eager birds, the softly pattering feet of furred and gentle beasts. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord: Not borne on the morning's wings of majesty, but I have set My feet amidst the delicate and bladed wheat. I come in the little things, Saith the Lord.
-Evelyn Underhill

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Beginning

We must learn to reawaken & keep ourselves awake, 
not by mechanical aids, 
but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.  
— Henry David Thoreau

Dawn in my woods

The fate of the country does not depend on how you vote at the polls - the worst man is as strong as the best at that game; it does not depend on what kind of paper you drop into the ballot-box once a year, but on what kind of man you drop from your chamber into the street every morning. —Henry David Thoreau


  1. I love this and loved the quote this morning as well on Greatfulness post ..and you place is so well---let us love our neighbor yes and rejoice... in TRUTH. Love to your day..

  2. "An infinite expectation of the dawn..." - what a beautiful phrase. Perfect for the New Year too, especially THIS New Year. Hope it's a wonderful one for us all. ⭐️

  3. Once again a good quote to ponder and a beautiful image to gaze upon! Invigorated about what's coming, looking forward. Happy New Year Cathy!


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